What is a cockapoo? A cockapoo is a hybrid designer dog. It is a mix of a cocker spaniel and poodle.

How long do Cockapoos live? Cockapoos live up to 15 years!

Do you breed Standard Cockapoos? Not at this time.

What size poodle do you use? Miniature.

How big do your cockapoos get? 12-25lbs full grown.

What is an f1? f1 stands for first cross breeding cocker spaniel bred to a poodle.

What is a f1b? This is a cockapoo bred back to a poodle.

What do your pups come with?

Our pups come with:

  • their first set of shots
  • age appropriate deworming
  • Home Again Microchip
  • spay/neuter contract
  • a toy that smells like their mom and siblings
  • a sample of the food they are eating

Do you have a guarantee? Yes, we have a 1 year congenital defect guarantee.

We do not guarantee for non shed, allergy free pups. However many people who have allergy concerns have no problems. That being said, every person is different.

What if I can’t keep my Coastal Maine Cockapoo? We will gladly take your cockapoo back.

Do you require pups to be spayed or neutered? Yes, we have a spay/neuter contract, all pups must be spayed or neutered by the time they are 1 year of age. Proof must be provided to breeder.

How many years have you been breeding Cockapoos? 6 years.

Do you dock tails? I do not dock tails. I prefer long natural tails.

Do you remove declaws? No, if they are born with it, they get to keep it.

What kind of brush do you use for your cockapoo? A slicker brush and a metal comb.

How often do Cockapoos have to be groomed? We recommend every 8-10 weeks.

What are cockapoos like? Cockapoos make great family dogs. They love to hike, run, swim, retrieve or lay on a couch.